Freestyle question: ~ I am Sathish from Kerala in India  I have been trying to be fluent in English for the last five years but haven't  been a complete success yet If I get a chance to interact with native speakers wow that's all

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Dear Sathish
There are many ways to be fluent in English and not interact with native people.
But if you want to meet a native speaker, why don't you save your money to go to England?
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Kim Liên vi | ban, zh, mus, cs, en, fr, ko, th11613
Hello Sathish! 
We would love to help you with your English. We provide tailor-made lessons especially for you. 
We post regular videos on our facebook page: Succeed English Education
Have a look on our website.
Contact us: succeedenglisheducation@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you! 
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