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Please help me correct ~ Today, (1427) is the day of Bengali New Year and is the first day of the Bengali Calendar.Bengali nation celebrates this traditional festival with a view to starting new blessing life departing from misery.Bengali calender was introduced by the shahanka '8th century king of Bengal' and later it was modified by the Mughal Emperor Akbar to collect taxes.Although Bengali New Year is once the main festival of the rural towns, it occupied the civilian life in the stream of time. On this occasion, different fairs and festivals including Halkhata, singing, reciting, singing are still going on throughout the country.In this year, the perspective is fully different from previous year as world is struggling against deadly Virus named covid -19. We all passionately hope that New Bengali Year would bring welfare for human being and would abolish all sinister. ! If possible, could you make this sound more natural?
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